Are you looking for a partner that treats your problems with passion?

Are you really anxious to satisfy the needs of your company’s client?

Well, in order to do this you need perfect tools.


One of them is our die-cutter!

About company

Wykrojniki Polskie is about experience and competence. The company started its business activity in the year 2004, and since 2009, it has operated under the name Wykrojniki Polskie Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (Limited Liability Company) and has consequently developed all the time. The company departments are located at the headquarters in Poznan at 20A Jeleniogórska Street.

Our versatility within the framework of various specialisations has allowed a very advanced machine park to be completed, and made it possible for us to prepare a competitive offer. Our manufacturing processes are implemented independently, using our own equipment, which is operated by qualified specialists. Owing to this, we can guarantee the high quality and timeliness of our services. A close-knit team, comprising of several dozens of specialists works for the success of the company and the satisfaction of the clients.

The experience and involvement of real professionals determines the final effects, therefore the human resources policy of our company has consequently promoted a well-qualified team of employees. Besides various investments, this is the most important part of the strategy of development of our company. The involvement in pro-quality and pro-environmental activities is proven by our certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, which have been awarded to us by Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance.

The design department of our company, provided with the most up-to-date equipment, gives us a huge competitive advantage.

The complexity of the services and the technological counselling are the basic advantages of this department. The modern design department can complete almost any order, even the most complicated ones. Flexibility and perfection in the completion of projects are as equally important to us as the preparation of an original and functional design. This is taken care of by the design studio, whose employees, “armed” with advanced IMPACT CAD software, effectively combine the ingenuity of creation with the reality of top-quality manufacturing, as well as ARTIOS – thus shortening the time of design preparation and providing the possibility of its visualization with the application of graphics and the possibility of 3D visualization, with the added benefit of being able to make design modifications quickly. .

In order to check the stability of the design structure, it is possible to cut out the prototype of a packaging, box or stand etc. on the LASERCOMB plotter.

Our experienced team performs its work at a modern machine park.

The flatbed and rotary die-cutters are manufactured with laser technology, using equipment from the ELCED company (2 lasers). A laser beam cuts out lines with extraordinary precision, in accordance with the finest details of the prepared design. This technology is a “showcase” of the technical capacities of the 21st century and of our company.

Bending of the die-cutter blade by Unica and the Elsa automatic bending machines manufactured by the company SERVIFORM is controlled automatically, using full integration with computers, plotters and lasers. But the setting of the blades in a board is, per se, the exclusive contribution of our qualified and experienced employees. Their meticulous reliability is indispensable.


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